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"Is mushroom a vegetable?"
-a few people tweeted “it’s a fungi!” to him-

"Well, is potato a vegetable?"
-a few people tweeted “it’s a tuber!”-

"… The hell is a vegetable?"

" 黎明へと導く覇者の煌きよ 我が声に耳を傾けたまえ 聖なる祈り 永久に紡がれん 光あれ グランドクロス! "
Kratos & Lloyd moments : after the revelation


by 神影


The Fon Master Ion

ahh, it feels good to be finished with this! This is the first of a bunch of prints I’ll be bringing with me to upcoming cons, and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.


aaaaa DONE. A Jade print to match the Ion print! (I wanna redo the Luke and Asch one at some point aahh)

After I get back from ACen I’ll look into setting up an online store for prints and things, so watch out for that if you’re interested *v*


Squad Leader Jade Curtiss of the Swag Survey Corps, for the Hell Pigeon's derping purposes.

Second set coming sometime later. (・v・)


I'm sorry that I'm both
your umbrella and the rain.
for noahnoichizoku
xx, iwillstillopenthewindow


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The year is 2014 and I’m still not over this,